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Business Fraud Protection

Bolster the defenses around your finances to reduce the risk of fraud.

Fight Fraud with Better Weapons

Criminals will try anything to gain access to your account information through various types of fraud. Fake texts, emails and websites are just a few of the fraudulent activities they use. Fight back with Stellar fraud prevention and fraud detection security services.


Organizations that were victims of payment fraud in 2021*

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Checks and ACH debits are most impacted by fraud*


Organizations targeted by Business Email Compromise*

* Source: 2022 AFP® Payments Fraud and Control Survey

Trending Bank Scam Alerts

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Phone Call Scam Alert

Fraudsters will take all types of actions to get you to provide your personal and banking information. Such steps include posing as bank employees calling customers from a spoofed phone number that appears to be the bank. The calls have a sense of urgency regarding an issue with your account or a transaction and the caller will request your sensitive information. ֱ̳ will NEVER unexpectedly call asking for your account numbers, passwords, PINs, or login codes. Don't share your sensitive information with anyone. Hang up and call the bank directly.

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Search Engine Ad Scams

Fraudsters are creating search engine ads that link to fraudulent websites. If the link is clicked, it may download malware or ransomware on your device or there may be another phishing scheme at work. Think before you click. Watch for unusual URLs or misspellings.

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UCC Scam Alert

Businesses are being targeted with misleading communications from “Texas UCC Statement Services” requesting companies to confirm their data and pay a fee. Be cautious of mailings that appear to come from government agencies requesting payment.

Product Overview

Positive Pay and Reverse Positive Pay

Detect check fraud quickly.

Protect your business checking account against fraud risk with Positive Pay. It matches clearing items against your file of issued items, allowing you to confirm daily whether checks are valid for payment or should be returned.

Positive Pay verifies date, check number and dollar amount, along with an option for payee name. This includes checks presented at our banking centers. The service also protects your business against lost or stolen checks and prevents payments for duplicate checks. 

More Ways We Can Support Your Business

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